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Shanghai Salvage

Shanghai Salvage (also known as China Ocean Engineering Services Shanghai) was founded in August, 1951. Shanghai Salvage is not only one of the biggest professional salvage companies in China but also is one of the main international contractors for large-scale ocean towage in the world. It has around 1900 employees, including over 600 engineers & technicians.

Shanghai Salvage undertakes the responsibilities of emergency wreck removal and property salvage for public interests assigned by the Chinese government, and the tasks on property salvage at sea, wreck removal for clearing navigation obstacles, removal of oil remaining on board wreck, emergency response for oil spill in territorial waters from Lianyungang (North) to the boundary between Fujian and Guangdong (South). In addition, Shanghai Salvage also undertakes to deal with other emergency salvage tasks along Chinese coast.

Over the years, Shanghai Salvage has successfully completed more than 1,900 salvage cases, over 1,000 wreck removal cases, saved about 19,000 lives and removed around 20,000 tons of underwater oil spillage, which safeguarded the security of lives and property at sea, maritime transportation and ocean resources exploration, and also contributed to the building of our harmonious society.

Shanghai Salvage also provides services in ocean towage, offshore engineering, installation, field supporting, and diving operation etc. Shanghai Salvage in current operates around 40 specialized vessels, among which, there are 12 ocean going tugs with HP of 1,900- 15,300 KW, one semi-submersible barge “ZHONGREN 2”. Shanghai Salvage has finished many significant ocean towage, including towing the platform MOLIPAQ from South Korea to Sakhalin, Russian, towing 300,000 DWT FPSO from South Korea to Nigeria etc. Shanghai Salvage has 7 engineering vessels such as one crane barge DALIHAO with lifting capacity up to 2,500 Tones. At present, a new DP self-propelled floating crane WEILI with lifting capacity up to 3,000 Tones has joined our fleet. Also another modern DP DSV is under construction. Shanghai Salvage Company possesses 1 set 200M SAT Diving Equipment and 1 set 300M SAT Diving Equipment, has ever done the offshore installation in 115m deep water. HUAWEI, the subsidiary company of Shanghai Salvage, operates 22 field supporting vessels with HP 4,400KW- 9,400 KW, provides AHTS services for CNOOC etc., is a very competitive and influential company in the industry. Shanghai Salvage has two diving equipment plants to produce hyperbaric oxygen chamber, DDC, diving bell, diving suits, apparatus and the bulk tank, which are all recognized by CCS, DNV and B.V.  The Working Approval Certificates are issued as well.  

The vision of Shanghai Salvage is to become the leading salvage company in China and a well-known company in the world in the field of salvage, wreck removal, ocean-going towing, offshore installation and field supporting services. And our mission is to develop market and conduct management under the basis of health, safety, environment protection, high standard and high quality services and to provide high-grade services to satisfy customers with great efforts.


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Mr. Haixu Chen, Mr. Yi Zhang
Tel:  +86 21 65193034
Fax:  +86 21 65192623

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