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  Responsibilities and Functions

The primary responsibilities and functions of  CRS  as is given by the Chinese government are :


1.To formulate, and supervise the implementation of, policies, laws, regulations and technical standards in maritime rescue and salvage in China.


2.To carry out life-saving and fire-fighting missions as related to vessels and aircrafts, domestic or foreign, and marine structures or facilities, which get into distress on Chinese Waters.


3.To carry out missions at sea in property salvage, wreck removal, clearance of ports and fairways,  clean-up of oil in ship wrecks and spilled oil from distressed vessels; To provide various marine engineering services.


4.To carry out special political, military emergency response missions and disaster relief missions assigned by the Chinese government; to be responsible for the organization and coordination of war preparedness in transportation;To fulfill on behalf of the Chinese government state obligations under relevant international conventions and bilateral maritime agreements.


5.Overall deployment and dispatch of maritime rescue resources, including rescue vessels and aircrafts; the overall coordination, command and control of maritime rescue operations.


6.Management of international and regional affairs in maritime rescue and salvage; organization and development of international and regional exchanges and cooperation.


7.Qualification review of entities engaged in marine salvage and diving opeations;  management of the certification of divers engaged in industrial diving operation as well as other special occupational qualifications which only pertain to maritime rescue and salvage.


8.Organization of studies and research on development strategies of the maritime rescue and salvage sectors; organization of the formulation of mid- and long-term development schemes in maritime rescue and salvage.

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