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CRS Mission Statement:
To ensure the saftey of life and property at sea and maintain a clean marine environment


CRS Objectives:
To play key roles at key moments with a well-trained, fine-equipped and highly-skilled staff


CRS Spirit:
To give the hope of life to others and leave the danger of death of ourseves


At present, CRS has :

1.around 9000 employees, among them about 3000 technical staff, 4000 seafarers, and 400 divers;
2.199 vessels of various kinds, 76 of which dedicated maritime rescue vessels , and 123 of them vessels for salvage operations;
3.18 aircrafts, including both helicopters and fix-wingones. 

By the end of December 2010, CRS has:
1.Rescued and salvaged 3942 distressed vessels, 833 of which foreign ships;
2.Removed 1740 ship wrecks, among which 98 are foreign ones  ;
3.Saved 55,266 people in distress at sea, with 11,641 of them foreigners.
4.Recoverd since the year 2002 a total value of 61,990 million RMB(9537 million US dollars.)


China Rescue and Salvage (CRS) is now China’s only national professional maritime rescue and salvage force. Its primary responsibilities are the response to marine accidents on Chinese waters, including life-saving, salvage of vessels and property, wreck removal, fire-fighting, spill clean-up, etc. It also undertakes such important missions as the safeguarding of marine transport and exploitation of marine resources, and the fulfillment of state obligations on behalf of the Chinese government as stipulated by international conventions and bilateral maritime agreements. As an important part of China's national emergency response system,CRS demonstrates the government's ruling philopshophy of "putting people first" and "valuing life" to build a harmonious society.


After 60 years of relentless efforts, and especially after the sweeping organizational reform in 2003 which successfully separated its life-saving and property salvage functions, CRS has embarked on a unique development road of Chinese characteristics, with a comprehensive three “three-in –one” organizational, functional, and developmental structure, capable of responding to all sorts of maritime accidents. The "Three Three-in-one” setup is namely an organizational structure that is made up of ship rescue teams, property salvage teams and air rescue teams, a responsibility composition that includes life-saving, salvage of property, and protection of marine environment, and a functional makeup that consists of helicopter capabilities in air, fast response capacities on water, and diving and salvage abilities underwater.

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