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  Marine Salvage and Wreck Removal
Wreck Removal Project of abuilding All-purpose Supply Boat 2011-05-25
“Tian Li” Wreck Removal Project 2011-05-25
“LT UTILE” Salvage Operation 2011-05-25
“Li Da Zhou 18” Salvage Project 2011-05-25
“Jin Quan” Salvage Project 2011-05-25
“Ji Fa” Wreck Removal Project 2011-05-25
“Jin Chi” Salvage Project 2011-05-25
“Xing Tong You 2” Salvage Project 2011-05-25
“Wan Ji” Wreck Removal Project 2011-05-25
“Hua Ding Shan” Wreck Removal Project 2011-05-25
“CALA PANAMA” Salvage Operation 2011-05-25
Salvage “ZHongCHang 118” as quickly as possible at WuSong mouth 2011-05-25
Integral Salvage of the Ancient Sunken Vessel "Nanhai No.1" 2011-05-25
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