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Deployment of emergency salvage and recovery force
Yantai salvage bureau, Shanghai salvage bureau and Guangzhou salvage bureau of Rescue and Salvage bureau of MOC shall maintain one or two engineering barges in the area of their responsibility to mainly undertake the missions of salvage of property in distress, wreck-removal, cargo recovery, clearance of port and navigational lanes, elimination of spilled oil on the sea.
Salvage bureaus are public institutions and responsible for their own profit and loss. Once an emergency occurred, they shall mobilize their vessels to conduct a salvage operation when and as needed.
Each Salvage Bureau shall strictly carry out the Administration of mobilization and command of engineering vessels(temporary ), and simultaneously keeps certain emergency rescue and salvage units at sea area of its responsibility and be ready to carry out emergency rescue task at any time as instructed by Rescue and Salvage Bureau of the Ministry of Communications.
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