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Deployment of Rescue aircrafts for R&S standby and watch

The rescue flying services of Rescue and Salvage Bureau of the Ministry of Communications are the professional rescue force newly established by the state. She mainly undertakes the missions of life-saving at sea, disaster relief arranged by local government and political and military rescue tasks assigned by the government.

As approved, 4 rescue flying services had been established by the end of 2004. Beihai No.1 rescue flying service is deployed in Dalian and Penglai for rescue mission in Bohai Bay, Donghai No.1 rescue flying service in Shanghai for rescue mission in Changjiangkou and Zhoushan water, Donghai No.2 rescue flying service in Xiamen for rescue mission in Taiwan strait and Nanhai No.1 rescue flying service in Zhanjiang for rescue mission in Chiungchow strait.

At present, there are 7 rescue helicopters and a fixed-wing aircraft undertaking standby duty in Dalian,Penglai, Shanghai, Xiamen and Zhanjiang .

The rescue flying services undertake daytime air rescue tasks within a radius of 110Nm from helicopter airfields along Chinese coastline or landing fields where fuel can be replenished(daytime refer to time between 30 minutes ahead of sunrise and 30 minutes following sunset   .

The Rescue Helicopters shall take off in 45 minutes upon reception of instruction or distressed information; A backup aircrew shall be ready for taking off in 60 minutes upon reception of instruction or distressed information and takes off upon order. In the event of earlier attaining of flying approval from airfield control tower, taking off shall be made as soon as possible.

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