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Deployment of salvage vessels for R&S standby and watch

Beihai, Donghai and Nanhai Rescue Bureau of China Salvage are mainly responsible for saving lives on vessels, facilities and aircrafts in distress from home and abroad in Chinese coastal and other related waters; for marine fire-fighting with the aim for life-saving and for salving of vessels, maritime facilities and other properties in danger directly purposed for life-saving, as well as undertaking rescue tasks for political, military and disaster relief etc. instructed by the government.
In accordance with guiding principle of dynamic standby and on the basis of investigation and demonstration of experts, there are 73 rescue standby points selected as dynamic standby position for rescue vessels along Chinese coastline from Yalujiang kou to Xisha water.

Each professional R&S force is entitled to flexibly choose rescue standby points in certain degree to carry out standby duty according to on-scene situation of its responsible water.

Rescue vessels shall be familiar with environment elements such as local meteorology, tiding and traffic density, etc. and may take pre-action to adjust its standby position in the event of any change so that the vessel could be kept in the upwind direction of area where marine incident likely occurred and emergency response speed, therefore, could be promoted.   

During execution of standby duty, if the captain of salvage vessel deems his or her vessel in danger in heavy sea, he or she is entitled to select a safe place to continue standby when and as appropriate in accordance with the principle of “to occupy the position in upwind direction of water where incidents are likely occurred, and to attain success with quick response”. Normally application of the action shall be made to authorities in advance level by level and be executed upon reception of approvals. In special circumstances, the action can be taken as the application is being forwarded.

The salvage vessel on standby duty on Beihai No.1 salvage standby point may move to water area of Dalian or Yantai depending on which is in upwind direction when wind force exceeds 9 or service of ro-ro vessels are suspended.

Traffic route of ro-ro vessels between Yantai and Dalian in Bohai Bay shall be under extreme safety protection. Rescue aircrafts shall be deployed in Yantai and Dalian for standby, and temporary landing areas shall be appropriately selected as salvage standby point for rescue aircrafts, so that a sea-air salvage network covering Bohai bay is established.

At present, Rescue Bureaus has won 33 salvage vessels, most of which are deployed in critical water areas designated by MOC and high-incident waters, that is powerful salvage vessel with good maneuverability and strong wind resistance are deployed in Bohai Bay, Zhou shan water, chiung chow strait, chengshantou, Changjiangkou, Taiwan strait and Zhujiangkou water.

In addition, standby deployment shall be adjusted accordingly in typhoon season, winter and important holidays, as well as when special tasks are assigned, in order to enhance salvage force in critical water areas.

response time for salvage vessels: powerful all-weather salvage vessels shall respond within 30 minutes upon reception of rescue instruction, Fast rescue vessels shall respond within 20 minutes and high speed rescue crafts shall respond within 10 minutes. In winter (from 1 Nov., to end of Feb., next year) , response time for each vessel is prolonged 10 minutes on the time stipulated above.     

During standby, all crew and rescuers on salvage vessels shall be on their own position, vessels (including machinery and life-saving devices) shall be maintained in good condition, provision and fuel stowed shall be enough for 15 days, fire-fighting appliances shall be in good working condition and foam shall be reserved according to capacity of foam tanks.

Salvage vessels of best capability shall be deployed on Beihai No.1 station on traffic route between Yantai to Dalian, Yantai water, Changjiangkou, Zhoushan and Mingjiangkou water, Zhujiangkou water and Chiungchow strait for standby.

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