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Guiding Principle, Purpose and requirement of dynamic R&S standby and watch system
Principle of dynamic R&S standby and watch system: to take the Party Central Committee's instruction “to establish and prefect pre-warning and emergency response mechanism of all kinds and promote the government's ability to respond to emergencies and risks”, instruction of Huang Ju, the vice-premier“ to be able to approach and save” and instruction of Zhang Chunxian, the minister of the Ministry of Communications “to build up a well-equipped professional R&S force with capable and skillful staff, who can play a key role at the critical time” as a guidance, to seriously execute circular from six state commissions and ministries on Printing and Distributing Implemenation plan for restructuring Rescue and Salvage system, which requests an all-weather marine R&S standby and watch system to be established and executed, a mechanism of quick response and emergency salvage to be established. To develop a dynamic R&S standby and watch system, scientifically deploy salvage resources and carefully organize and coordinate the salvage operation in terms of marine traffic environment along Chinese coastline, rules of marine disasters and incidents, tendency of shipping, fairways of harbors, changes of marine meteorology, as well as present condition of salvage force after being restructured.
The purposes and requirements of the dynamic R&S standby and watch system: this system is aiming at protecting the safety of people’s life and property at sea, shortening arrival time  of and distance from salvage vessels, rescue aircrafts and emergency response unit to the incident spot under the principles of “moving closer, more salvage standby points and quick response” so as to promote emergency response speed, organization and command level and effectiveness of salvage operation, and provide strong assurance to stabilize marine safety situation, to promote state economic development and to make remarkable contribution to improvement of government’s ruling ability with actual action.


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