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Implementation Guideline of Dynamic R&S Standby and watch System (Dynamic standby system) -Preface

China Salvage is the sole professional maritime salver in China. For the sake of ensuring the safety of lives and properties at sea, preventing maritime pollution and fulfilling the obligations stipulated by relevant international conventions, an air-sea salvage network along Chinese coastline has been primarily set up, following the completion of structural reform in 2003. In order to optimize deployment of salvage resources and to more effectively respond to the marine emergencies in a joint efforts from salvage vessels and aircrafts, emergency response rescue teams and squads, salvage stations and salvage standby points, China Salvage analyzed the features of salvage operations over past 50 years and creatively put forward the idea of Dynamic R&S standby and watch system based on available salvage resources, which had been proven effective in salvage operations and characterized with distinctively shorter notice, quicker response and higher efficiency. 
To maximize the joint efforts from salvage units, salvage stations and salvage standby points and alter static standby away from traffic route to dynamic standby in vicinity of traffic route, as well as to standardize administration, China Salvage promulgated and implemented Dynamic R&S standby and watch system, in which a scientific, effective and mature R&S standby and watch method is prescribed, featured with closer to traffic route, more salvage standby points, dynamic standby and quick response at any time.
In the interest of better implementation, Implementation Guideline of Dynamic R&S standby and watch System has been drafted in the organization of China Salvage, which mainly answers the question of why and how to implement the Dynamic R&S standby and watch System based on analysis of features of past salvage operations. This professional, technical and practical guideline provides passengers, crew and relevant departments and units with better understanding of current situation and responsibilities of Chinese professional salvage force, as well as deployment of dynamic standby and contact details.
Focused on life-saving at sea, Implementation Guideline of Dynamic R&S standby and watch System plays a significant role in the construction and development of R&S system. Honoring the salvage idée of time is life and speed is hope, the system standardizes and regulates the mechanism of marine emergency response and reflects the government’s willingness to enhance government functioning and build a harmonious society.


President of R&S Bureau of MOC
Jiahui Song 

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