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Rescue Tug M/V Donghaijiu 115 of Donghai Rescue Bureau Successfully Rescued M/V Jintai 129 the Coal Carrier

At midnight on 23 May, M/V Jintai 129, a coal carrier laden with over 10,000 tons of coal, suddenly suffered a rudder failure, putting the lives of 19 people on board in danger. After great efforts, M/V Donghaijiu 115 of  Donghai Rescue of CRS successfully brought the ship and the 19 people on board to safety.

At 22:37 on 23 May, the Rescue Operations Command and Control Office(ROCCO) of Donghai Rescue Bureau (DRB) got the distress call from M/V Jintai 129 which was hit by a sudden rudder failure some 110 nautical miles Northeast to the estuary of Yangtze River. The ship has a length of 140m and width of 20m ,and carried 130,000 tons of coal and 19 people on board.  At the call, ROCCO immediately instructed M/V Donghaijiu 115 , one of DRB's dedicated rescue vessels on mission standby at the Yangtze Riverestuary to go to the rescue.

At 23:31 M/V Donghaijiu 115  sailed out, and against poor visibility and huge waves at night, arrived at the distress scene at 07:25 in the morning of 24 May. The rescue plan of towing with both towing bridle and the main towing line was quickly decided. It had not been easy job putting the towing ropes in place against a strong wind at a speed of 25 knots. Finally at 09:03 , after coordinated efforts of all crew members, the towing ropes was successfully put in place , and at 10:29 May 25,  M/V Jintai 129 was towed to anchorage No.1 in the Yangtze River estuary.

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