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Offshore and Onshore Engineering

Construction of harbor, bridge, tunnel, irrigation works and municipal engineering etc. is one of the major activities of CRS supported by its particular resources and professional capacity. CRS is fully confident and capable of lifting and installing very heavy objects and working on underwater tunnel construction to world standard. The 20 units of different sized crane barges with a maximum 4,000 tons of lifting capacity are capable of working on many different kinds of offshore and onshore engineering projects. CRS has actively sought to play a role in offshore and onshore engineering projects both at home and abroad and has successfully accomplished some well known projects such as the Guangzhou Bridge, the Zhuhai Bridge, the Donghai Bridge, the Dayaowan Bridge, the Qinshan Nuclear Station and the Mawei Port construction etc. in China as well as the installation of the Rangoon Bridge in Burma and the expressway tube tunnel project in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. 
All the subsidiaries of CRS are encouraged to become involved in new areas of operation using their respective expertise and capacity along with further development of the four captioned major activities and this has resulted in various profitable developments such as ship building & repairing, port services, ro-ro ship operations by  Yantai Salvage, diving apparatus research and fabrication by  Shanghai Salvage and cargo shipping,  ship building and repairing by  Guangzhou Salvage.
In recent years, CRS has accelerated the pace of development on human resources, equipment and technology to enhance the capacity for emergency reaction and core competitiveness. At this stage 500 million US dollars has been invested in building of new craft and a further 1.5 billion US dollars budget is aimed at investing mainly in new vessels and equipment with deep water capability. It is expected that the comprehensive capability of CRS will be further strengthened with the building of these more advanced craft and their ancillary equipment by bringing into operation shortly a 300 meter depth deep-water diving support vessel, a self-propelled crane vessel with 3,000 tons lifting capacity together with other multi-functions, a self-propelled semi-sub vessel of 30,000 DWT, more units of modern anchor-handling tugs, a highly efficient emergency oil recovery system and advanced underwater  inspecting apparatus etc..

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