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Ocean Towage Service
CRS is one of the largest ocean towing organizations in the world and well known for its unusual towing services and entered the international market at an early stage. The 40 units of tugs and 20 units of barges operated by Yantai, Shanghai and Guangzhou Salvage have traded world- wide and created several records in terms of towing weight, quantity and distance. The 15,300 kW ocean tugs “DE DA” and “DE YUE” as well as the 10,000 kW ocean tug “DE XIANG” are well-known in the world market for their remarkable towing performance. Additionally, a number of modern powerful 8,000 kW and 14,000 kW professional ocean rescue/salvage tugs operated by the captioned three Rescue Bureaux have been put into 24 hour stand-by duties for emergency response along the China coast following the internal re-structuring of CRS in 2003 .
In May 2007, a SVITZER-COESS Alliance was jointly established by Shanghai Salvage Bureau and Svitzer International Towage to enable the alliance to be more competitive on the world towing market. China Salvage will continue to coordinate the towing resources internally with an aim to enhance cooperation with relevant partners for mutual benefit in order to prosper from the international towing market. 
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