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Ocean Engineering Service
After decades of development, various capabilities of CRS have been greatly improved in the fields of anchor-handling, diving and other services for international offshore oil projects.
As one of the leading offshore oil project contractors, CRS owns more than 10 units of engineering crane barges with multi-functions such as the revolving crane barge “HUA TIAN LONG” with a lifting capacity of 4,000 tons, the sheerleg “DA LI HAO” with a lifting capacity of 2,500 tons, the revolving crane barge “DE YING” with a lifting capacity of 1,700 tons which is often used in offshore oil rig installation, subsea pipe and cable laying and other complicated marine engineering projects .
CRS owns a tug fleet of more than 40 units for anchor–handling named in the Chinese characters of “DE” and HUA” and which have been engaged for many years on long term charters for Chinese and foreign offshore oil companies such as CNOOCUS, TACO Inc. of USA, Shell, Roc Oil of Australia etc. gaining a high reputation in the international offshore oil services market for its professional skill and quality service.
Engineering diving services for the offshore oil industry has been a traditional and particular approach of CRS supported by an impressively large diving team with almost 300 professional divers as well as some large dive-support vessels, a 300 meter depth saturation diving system, 3,000 meter depth ROV equipment, sea camels, decompression chambers and various auxiliary diving facilities. The divers are qualified with relevant certificates issued by CCS, ABS, DNV, TAYLOR, COMEX etc. and fully capable of dealing with underwater operations such as obstacle clearance, various types of equipment inspection, installation, repairs, welding and cutting etc..
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