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Non-profit Maritime Rescue and Salvage Service for Public Interest
One of the fundamental, core responsibilities of CRS  is to carry out non-profit maritime rescue and salvage operations for public interest, as a part of the overall national emergent response system. During its sixty years of development, CRS has successfully saved nearly 50,000 people in danger at sea, performed salvage services to over 3,000 vessels and refloated nearly 1,700 sunken vessels, including some exceptionally successful international life -rescue operations well known both at home and abroad. These include the rescue of numerous Vietnamese fishermen in 2006, the Wenchuan Earthquake relief in 2008, as well as some well known  operations such as the salvage and raising of the “Awa Maru” the Japanese cargo vessel sunk in World War II,  the crashed airliner, the bulk carrier “Peng Yang” with 50,000 DWT and laden with coal, the grounded fully laden LPG tanker “Hong Ren”, the general cargo vessel “Yin Chu” of 10,000 DWT sunk in the Yangtze River and the largest dredger in the world the“ WD Fairway”. These achievements have proved the outstanding contribution of CRS to the saving of life, property salvage, channel clearance and environmental protection.
A remarkable success, over a period of 280 days, was the successful refloating operation   of the ancient Chinese cargo boat named as “Nan Hai No.1” which had been buried under the sea-bed for over 800 years and was recovered in a huge, specially designed steel caisson. Adopting an innovative caisson and underwater crossbeam technology, the vessel was recovered in one piece in excellent condition for display to the public – again demonstrating the expertise and professional skills of CRS.
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